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Clive Barker's BOOK OF BLOOD  (2009)
La-La Land Records (LLLCD-1105)
TT: 36:15

Original Score Composed and Conducted by Guy Farley
Score Recorded at Sphere Studios, London
Recorded and Mixed by Josh Blair
Musical Associate Adrian Thomas
Orchestra Leader Stephanie Gonley
Solo Cello Caroline Dale
Bass and Alto Flutes Clare Findlater
Principal Trombone Roger Argent
Ethnic Flutes and Duduk Dirk Campbell
Monochord Sonia Slany
Percussion Juaian Poole
Vocals Manickam Yogeswaran
Piano Huw Watkins
Orchestral Contractor Cool Music
Orchestrator Andrew Pearce
Asistant Engineer John Boughtwood
Music Clearance Susan Tilly
Publisher Novello and Co.


1. Book of Blood (1:51)
2. Tollington House (2:12)
3. Mary's Dream (2:32)
4. Ring of Roses (2:07)
5. Lovers (1:42)
6. Shunned (1:32)
7. The Story (1:49)
8. Premonition (2:41)
9. Simon (1:22)

10. The Fountain (2:37)
11. She's Gone (1:30)
12. Descent (1:52)
13. Night Flies (3:08)
14. All the Stories (1:14)
15. Wyburd's Demise (1:40)
16. The Book (1:21)
17. Book of Blood Suite (5:09)

Plot Summary

The story centers on a paranormal expert who, while investigating a gruesome slaying, finds a house that is at the intersection of "highways" transporting souls to the afterlife. Based on the wraparound story penned by Clive Barker in the author's "Books of Blood" collection, a psychic researcher, Mary Florescu, has employs medium Simon McNeal to investigate a haunted house. McNeal, at first, begins to fake his visions, but then real ghosts present themselves. They attack him and carve words in his flesh, and these words, claims the narrator, form the rest of the stories, stories written on a literal, living Book of Blood.

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