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MovieScore Media (MMS-12009)
TT: 42:40

Music Composed and Conducted by Guy Farley
Music Orchestrated by Andrew Pearce
Music Produced by Guy Farley
Executive Album Producer Mikael Carlsson
Score Recorded at Abbey Road Studios & Sphere Studios, London
Score Recorded by Andrew Dudman
Score Mixed by Josh Blair at British Groove Studios, London
Musical Associate Adrian Thomas
Orchestra Contractor Cool Music Ltd.
Music Preparation Matt Pearce
Music Supervisor Tim Hollier




1. The Hot Potato (2:40)
2. It Ain't Gold (4:03)
3. The Twins (2:36)
4. Bliss and Bruges (1:58)
5. Car Chase (2:18)
6. The Man from München (2:52)
7. Ostend You Silly Moo (1:38)
8. Geiger Counter (3:45)
9. Snow in Bruges (2:08)

10. Buried in the Snow (2:52)
11. Hitman and Headlines (2:18)
12. A Roma (1:07)
13. 30 Millions Dollars (1:49)
14. All the Players - Final Offers (2:29)
15. Its Low Grade (1:32)
16. Double Crossings (2:44)
17. We're Alright (1:24)
18. Theme from "The Hot Potato" (2:27)
Plot Summary

London. The East End. 1969. One evening, a government research establishment explodes; an event that eventually leads to our heroes, Kenny (Ray Winstone) and Danny (Jack Huston), being in possession of a large lump of Uranium, THE HOT POTATO, plunging them into the threat of possible radioactive contamination! With nothing to lose and few options available, Kenny and Danny decide to investigate the value of the 'potato' and, to their surprise, find that there is seemingly no end of people willing to pay a high price for it. With this knowledge, Kenny and Danny - ably assisted by Danny's girlfriend, the beautiful and surprising Carole (Lois Winstone) and shadowed at every turn by the unshakable Harry Fisher (Colm Meaney), right-hand-man of local criminal big-shots - launch themselves on an increasingly dangerous and comedic adventure, in which they meet a diverse cast of colourful characters, all desperate to buy. As offer and counter-offer give way to double and triple cross, the story twists and turns on the way to the exciting and unexpected finale. But who wins and who loses? And what happens to THE HOT POTATO?  

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