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CASHBACK  (2006)
Silva Screen Records (SILCD-1278)
TT: 51:53

Original Score Composed and Conducted by Guy Farley
Published by Novello and Co. Ltd.
Musical Associate Adrian Thomas
Score Recorded by Ben Georgiades at Air Lyndhurst Hall, London
Performed by The London Metropolitan Orchestra
Orchestra Leader Janice Graham
Solo Piano Simon Chamberlain
Ethnic Percussion Paul Clarvis
Orchestra Contractor Andy Brown
Orchestrator Andrew Pearce
Assistant Engineers Alex Modiano and Jake Jackson (Air Lyndhurst)
Additional Programming Will Johnstone
Score Mixed by Ben Georgiades at Sphere Studios, London
Soundtrack Co-ordinator Winnie Li
Score Music Supervisor Amanda Street for DNA Music Ltd.
Music Supervisor Fiona Mcblane
Music Consultants Matt Rice, Trevor Jackman

"Inside" and "She"
Remixed by Ben Georgiades and Guy Farley
at Sphere Studios, London
Strings Arranged and Conducted by Guy Farley

"Casta Diva"
from opera Norma
Composed by Vincenzo Bellini
 Arranged and Conducted by Guy Farley
Performed by Jeni Bern
Choral Contractor R'SVP Voices



1. Casta Diva (Suzy) (2:35)  (from NORMA )
2. Break Up (2:42)
3. Photos (1:43)
Suzy (3:15)
5. Inside (1:32)  (Bang Gang)
6. Frozen (2:28)
7. Sharon (1:35)
Drawing (2:34)
9. The Challenge (2:03)
10. Someone There? (1:42)
11. Saturday School (0:53)


12. Pittsburgh (1:45)
13. Dust (1:01)
14. The Proud Gallery (1:09)
15. She (5:36)  (Grand Avenue) *
16. Enchanted April (2:39) (Andrew Penny)
17. Jerk It (2:32) (Gypsies)
18. You Can´t Hurry Love (1:59) (The Concretes)
19. Snack Bar Lounge (2:55) (Evil 9)
20. You are not Through (4:48) (Evil 9)
21. Funk the Rich (3:24) (Malent)
A Note from Director Sean Ellis

Making a film is like making a cake. You collect all the ingredients (filming) you mix them together (editing) and then you put it in the owen. When I met Guy Farley, his sheer enthusiasm for the project convinced me that he had an affinity to the material. His score was to become the icing on the cake. My long discussions with Guy lead us to belive that the music had to reflect the ups and downs of the narrative but more than that, push it further. Sometimes play against the action (as in the epic track for the goal attempt during the pathetic football match) or increase the hypnotic effect (when Ben tries to stop time with Sharon in the locker room) of a sleepless world. But all the time maintaining the themes of certain scenes or characters through out. The final result is something I'm very proud of as it underlines the emotions that I wanted to convey. It is with immesurable thanks to Guy Farley who was tireless in his pursuit of the perfect icing and to his support team of Adrian Thomas and Ben Georgiades.

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Behind the Scenes w Guy Farley (starts at 1:50)

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