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DOT.COM  (2007)
Fado Filmes; Luís Galvao Teles, director

Music Composed and Conducted by Guy Farley
Recorded and Mixed by Ben Fenner at Sphere Studios, London
Leader Janice Graham
Principal Bass Andy Wood
Clarinet Steve Pierce
Fiddle Dermot Crehan
Upright Bass Chris Lawrence
Acoustic Guitars and Portugese Cavaquino John Parricelli
Accordian and Bandoneon Eddie Hession
Harmonica Brendan Power
Piano Guy Farley
Mandolin John Parricelli
Portugese Percussion Paul Clarvis
Vibraphone and Percussion Tristan Fry
Orchestra Contractors Cool Music Ltd.
Music Preparation Andy Pearce and Frank Lambert
Additional Arrangements Andy Pearce
Assistant Engineers Josh Blair and Karen Leite


Plot Summary

A small village in Portugal, Águas-Altas, is being sued by a Spanish multinational corporation because the village hosts a website that uses the same name as an international brand of mineral water. A judicial battle for website begins, that quickly turned in to a media circus. Thus the residents of this small village, who are not even sure what the internet is, are forced defend their website and their villages honour.

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