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IRISH JAM (2006)
Bauer Martinez Studios; John Eyres, director

Original Score Composed and Conducted by Guy Farley
Music Associate Adrian Thomas
Recorded by George Georgiades at Air Studios, London
Orchestra Leader Jamie Graham
Contractors Cool Music, Ltd.
Orchestrator Andrew Pearce
Featured soloists: Celtic Harp Skaila Kanga, Irish Flutes and Whistles Tony Hinnigan
Uilleann Pipes Paul Brennan,  Mandolins Simon Mayor, Piano Guy Farley
Irish Percussion Paul Clarvis
Score Mixed by Ben Georgiades at Sphere Studios, London
Assistant Engineers Jake Jackson and Alex Madino
Score Mastered by Ben Fenner at Sphere Studios, London
'Lunasa' Recorded and Mixed by Steve Parr at Hear No Evil, London
Fiddle Sean Smith
Double Bass Trevor Hutchinson
Pipes and Whistles Cillian Vallely
Bodhran and Flutes Kevin Crawford
Guitars, Banjo and Mandolin Tim Edey


Plot Summary

Jimmy The Jam McDevitt (Griffin) is a Los Angeles conman getting into all sorts of trouble. He is on the run from his ex-fiancé aka Psycho (MoNique) who he stood up at the altar and is dodging his landlord because he can't pay his rent. Jimmy enters a poetry contest sponsored by a town in Ireland with the hopes of escaping his troubles. The small Irish town is controlled by a greedy mogul and the only thing he does not control is the local pub. The villagers are unable to make the payments to support the pub and decide to offer a poetry contest with a small entry fee to raise the money needed to keep the pub. Jimmy wins by plagiarizing a rap song and submitting it to the locals. As the winner of the contest Jimmy travels to Ireland to become a first time local pub owner. Maureen (Anna Friel), a beauty with the voice of an angel, entertains pub patrons with Irish songs and soon finds herself falling for Jimmy.

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