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Lux Vide / Tellux Film; Giacomo Campiotti, director

Music composed and conducted by Guy Farley
Performed by The Chamber Orchestra of London
Recorded at Abbey Road Studios London in March 2012
Recorded by Jonathan Allen
Mixed at Sphere Studios by Josh Blair
Music contractors COOL Music
Orchestrator Andy Pearce
Orchestra Leader Pieter Schoeman
Score Mastered by Paul Bailey

Featured Soloists:
Solo Piano
Huw Watkins
Ethnic Percussion Paul Clarvis
Ethnic Vocalist Tanja Tzarovska
Vocalist Lucy Johnson
Ethnic Flutes Tony Hinnegan
Oud Stuart Hall
Shawm Bill Lyons
Duduk Dirk Campbell


Maria di Nazaret
1. Maria's Theme (1:29)
2. Maria - Titles (2:11)
3. The Serpent (1:39)
4. Mary's Journey (1:40)
5. Shepherds (2:04)
6. The Game (2:19)
7. Elizabeth's Dance (2:12)
8. Maria at Prayer (2:40)
9. Anger and Apparition (2:11)
10. A Place to Stay (2:12)
11. Israel (1:19)
12. Birth (2:56)
13. The Census (2:08)
14. Magi (1:39)
15. Premonition (1:44)
16. My Son (2:03)
17. Lost and Found (2:13)
18. Denial (2:26)
19. 39 Lashes (4:19)
20. The Cross (2:36)
21. Calvary (4:11)

22. He Will Live (1:21)
23. Memories (2:02)
24. End Titles – Maria's Theme (1:42)

Wake of Death
25. Reunited (2:27)

L'uomo che sognava con l'aquile
26. Titles (2:33)
27. To the Mountains (1:10)
28. Roberto Explores (1:10)
29. Rocco and Roberto (2:08)
30. At Home (1:15)
31. Roberto's Theme (2:01)
32. Return (2:19)
33. To the Mayor (1:34)
34. Animals Away (1:51)
35. Money Rolling in (1:12)
36. Celebrations (1:50)

Bonus Track:
37. Audio Commentary by Guy Farley (3:17)

Plot Summary

Right from the beginning, we are introduced to Mary, daughter of Joachim and Anne. Soon after, we meet Mary Magdalene, her close friend. In a unique twist, the story follows their two journeys, one into the heart of God, and the other into the heart of darkness. The more Mary sings her Magnificat, the more Magdalene throws herself at the world seeking love, power and validation. The two threads finally come full circle with Magdalene’s conversion at the feet of Christ, and her ultimate reward at seeing Christ the first at the Resurrection. Caught in between these opposites, Magdalene vacillates as the flighty-headed, desperate and world-loving protégé of Herodias. After witnessing her mother’s stoning at the beginning of the film, the punishment for adultery, Magdalene throws all caution and morality to the winds, nurturing a hatred for men, and at the same time, cultivating seduction to fill her heart’s need for a true man. It isn’t long before she has two deaths on her conscience, and unable to stand the crushing weight of life at court, she flees to a brothel and ends up repeating her mother’s last scene, a public stoning. It is then that Christ appears, invites the non-sinners to throw first, and forgives her.

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