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July 09, 2022 / 21:37 (CET)
Guy Farley has reunited with Tim Lewiston (THE HOT POTATO) scoring director's second feature THERE'S ALWAYS HOPE. Set in Portugal and UK, the film stars Colm Meaney, Kate Ashfield and John Light. ‘There is Always Hope’ is a comedy drama in which a woman travels to Portugal in an attempt to orchestrate a reconciliation between her parents. Successful author, Jonathan Stack, has been so obsessed with trying to pen his hit novel, he’s allowed his marriage to breakdown to the point where she announces she’s now leaving him.. Jonathan leaves the family home in Stratford Upon Avon and drives to the family villa in Portugal. Can the daughter successully bring the two back together. No release dtate has been announced so far - the movie has been only shown at various festivals on both sides of the Atlantic. Stay tuned for more details soon...

May 01, 2021 / 18:57 (CET)
KeepMoving Records has released Guy Farley's score for SILVER SKATES last month. The edition, which also features roughly 30 minutes of previous unreleased music, is available as a 2-CD set limited to 3000 copies only. The CD can be ordered from KeepMoving Records . In other news Guy Farley has recently recorded his score for THERE'S ALWAYS HOPE at Abbey Road Studios.

November 30, 2020 / 17:35 (CET)
MovieScore Media will release Guy Farley's score for Russian romantic drama SILVER SKATES on December 18th. CD edition is also in the works. So far no specific release date has been announced.

October 21, 2020 / 20:35 (CET)


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