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August 09, 2019 / 19:20 (CET)
THE BADER SUITE aka LEGACY will be released as special limited edition CD on September 5th. It will be also available digitally through all the stores including iTunes, Amazon and streaming services. Purchase links will be added as soon as available so keep checking. The first 100 copies of the CD will be autographed by the composer.

August 04, 2019 / 19:20 (CET)
Entire year has passed since the latest update, in the meantime Guy recorded Legacy¸ a musical tribute to Sir Douglas Bader, the World War Two fighter ace who lost both his legs in a plane crash. In partnership with the renowned disabled charity, the Douglas Bader Foundation, Legacy will pay tribute to Douglas Bader, and all those who have overcome disabilities in their lives. You can listen to this piece on Guy's official website .
He also arranged Benny Goodmans Sing Sing Sing for the 2019 Toyota Corolla campaign. See below for a short film on the recording of it…


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